Tsuruya Department Store foreign english
2018.03.09 One-stop Tax-Free Counter Open!
Tax refunds on items purchased at 19 shops with this mark can be combined and claimed together with items purchased at Tsuruya Department Store (except New-S Building).
After having enjoyed shopping at Kumamoto Shopping Street and Tsuruya Department Store, you can get tax refunds all at once.
yTax-Free Counter Operating Hoursz
10:00`19:00 (Sunday`Thursday)
10:00`19:30 (FridayESaturday)
The procedure may take a while. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the closing time.
Tax-free procedures cannot be carried out outside the operating hours, including the store holiday (no fixed holiday) of Tsuruya Department Store.
Tax-free procedures cannot be carried out on amounts including purchases made on other days.
Tsuruya Department Store foreign english
yList of Shopsz


yBagsEWatchesEJewelry(Pawn Shop)z
AJobundou Kawashima Shoten yBooksz
BOHASHI yWatchesz
CGakuseifuku Takemoto yStudent UniformEClothesz
DTakemoto VIVALY yWowen's Clothesz
FYoso Tabara yWomen's Clothesz
HHabita Kamitori yCosmeticsESundriesz
IOkada Coffee yCoffee BeansEConfectioneryz


JObiya yKimonoz
KREGAL SHOES yMen's ShoesEWomen's Shoesz
Laccessary JOY yAccessoriesz
MO - Mikuniya ySundriesz
NTAJIRI Clothes Store yMen's Clothesz
ODecoration yWomen's Clothesz
PCARINO SECOND yWomen's Clothesz


QSaitou Tokeiya yWatchesEJewelryz

RSecond yWatchesz

yTax-Free Counter Mapz
Tsuruya Department Store Main Building 2F

Tsuruya Department Store foreign korean

Below are the requirements of the tax refund:

Tsuruya Department Store foreign english