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Service Guide

Tax Refund Procedures

(Located in the Main Building 2F)
We provide tax refund procedures for foreign tourists and Japanese citizens who have been living aboard for 2 years or more.
※ For Japanese citizen, documentation proving the applicant has been living abroad (visa, residence card or similar) is required.



Tax refund only can be claimed on the same day of purchase.


To claim tax exemption, you must present:
Applicant's passport, purchased product(s), receipt(s), credit card or other such card(only if used)

For further details, please refer to Tax Refund Procedures

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Higo Bank (Main Building 1F, East Building B1F),
Mizuho Bank (Main Building 1F),
Kumamoto Bank, Shinkin bank, Japan Post Bank, Labour Bank (Main Building B1F)

Smoking Room

It is located in the Main Building 7F and the East Building 3F.

Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchair are available free of charge at the information counter in the Main Building 1F, East Building 1F and the passage way in the Main Building B2F.
(We need your name and contact number for the rental. Thank you for your cooperation.)


(Located at the passage way in Tsuruya Parking B2F)
We provide shoe repair, spare key (instant) and bag repair services.

Clothing alteration

(Located at the REFORM BOUTIQUE in the Main Building 8F)
We provide information about clothing alteration or remake services.

Women's Restroom

●Powder Room(Main Building 2F・3F・4F・6F・7F, East Building B1F・2F・4F・5F・6F)
You can fix your make-up at the powder room in the lavatory.
●Fitting Room(Main Building B1F, East Building B1F・2F・3F・4F・5F・6F)
You can change your clothes such as stockings in the fitting room.

Family Restroom

(Main Building 1F・6F・7F, East Building B1F・2F・3F・4F・5F・6F・7F)
There is a wide space which you can place the wheelchair or the baby stroller inside.
All men and women can use this restroom.
Ostomates toilets are located in the Main Building 1F and 7F.

Changing Table

There are changing tables for changing babies' diaper.

Baby Stroller Rental

(Information counter in the Main Building 1F)
(Entrance near to Coach)
(Entrance next to Tiffany & Co.)
(Passage Way in the Main Building B2F)
(Information counter in the East Building 1F)

There are about 50 strollers in Tsuruya.

Nursing Room

('Tanpopo Farm' in the Main Building 6F, 'Mitsubachi Farm' in the Main Building RF)
There is a wide space that you can place the baby stroller here.
Not only for changing diapers or breast-feeding, you can also take a break here.

Breast-feeding space

(Main Building 3F, East Building B1F)
Not only for breast-feeding you can also change babies' diaper here.

Baggage Counter

(Main Building B1F)
Your belongings can be stored temporarily here at no charge.
Please collect your belongings 15 minutes before our closing time.

Refrigerated Coin Lockers
(paid lockers)

(Main Building B1F, B2F)
You can store perishables in these lockers.

Coin Lockers (paid lockers)

(Central West Side Entrance in the Main Building 1F)
(Bicycle Parking Lot 1F)
(Next to the CAFERA in the East Building 2F)
(Next to the Parking Fare Adjustment Counter in Tsuruya Parking Lot 1F)

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